consultanting and coaching

consultanting and coaching

LaTonya Branham, PhD
Founder and Executive Consultant

We are dedicated to assisting clients in the following areas:
  • Higher education
  • Leadership and change management
  • Coaching: academic, career, executive, leadership, and life
  • Literacy initiatives
  • Community outreach

We bring unique perspectives for the purpose of discovering achievable solutions and help transform lives.


Dr. Branham is a passionate advocate for helping others develop and achieve their goals. She is someone who will listen without judgement.

Coaching themes: Academic (high school and college), career, executive, leadership, and life.


  • Establish attainable goals
  • Developing a stronger personal playbook
  • Building confidence and better relationships
  • Enhance your career path and professional network
  • Engage in transformational wellness initiatives
  • Maximize the college experience
  • Personal, professional, and team success
  • Work-life balance resolutions
  • Igniting an innovative spirit
  • Unleashing your BEST self!


I'm thankful for Dr. Branham's guidance on becoming a better person and for helping to build my confidence level.” (Career coaching)

 “Such a great leadership coach. She helped us define the barriers and gaps to reach high performance goals.” (Small business coaching)

 “LaTonya is a wonderful person to trust and listen to when you are ready for positive change. She is also a caring listener. I needed a good accountability partner and she was the person.” (Life coaching)

Let's get started!

Submit your information to schedule sessions with Dr. Branham: Name, email address, mailing address, daytime or evening phone number, and the type of coaching session that will best suit your needs. The fees associated with the coaching sessions will be discussed during the initial contact. Upon submission of contact information, you will be called within 24 hours. Referrals are appreciated.

Email: Phone: 513.265.9412

Commitment will keep you from giving up. It is an internal promise to yourself that a major investment is worth the journey towards achieving transformative goals. – Dr. LaTonya Branham