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The Academic Prayer: An Inspirational Guide for College Success

It is an exciting time when students are accepted into college and begin their classes. But when they encounter challenges, what does it take to stay? The Academic Prayer provides the inspirational guidance that every student needs to help them graduate from college. Common and unique challenges blended with inspirational commentary and prayers are included in The Academic Prayer. It was designed to help all types of students deal with their issues, persist, and ultimately graduate. Some of the topics include: money management, understanding college transcripts, culture shock, diversity, abusive relationships, professors, distance learning, academic honesty, campus living and safety, depression, and navigating through administrative challenges. The wisdom and advice provided will also help adult learners which can build their confidence, help them adjust to college life, and fulfill their dream of earning their diploma. Many books are available to help students learn how to get into college, but The Academic Prayer is uniquely designed with inspirational advice and strategies to keep students from dropping out, and help them graduate with confidence.

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It is with extreme pleasure and honor that I highly recommend this unique and important book to all who are interested in knowing the truth about our proud history and heritage and teaching it to others. CultureSeek is designed to connect the lineage between African and African American History and respond to the thirst for knowledge of a people who textbooks have denied, excluded and/or trivialized.

- Pat Payne, Director, Office of Multicultural Education and the Crispus Attucks Museum

Indianapolis Public Schools

CULTURESEEK: Connecting to African and African American History was developed to actively connect readers to a rich culture that deserves worldwide attention. The fascinating messages within each historical fact can potentially educate and re-shape perceptions about African American people and their culture. It is for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge. After reading the historical facts, the word puzzles are available to further engage the reader. In addition to increasing your knowledge…it’s a mind stimulator. Click here for a sample.

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Spirit Seek

Spirit Seek was uniquely designed to reinforce the words inspired by God in your life. Along with inspirational messages of faith, hope, love, and peace, Spirit Seek also provides an engaging way to learn Bible Scriptures. The bold and underlined words within the Scriptures can be found in mind-stimulating word find puzzles – which makes Spirit Seek very unique! There is also a very special foreword by Dr. Thomas D. Johnson, Sr., Senior Pastor of the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem, New York. God’s love is no mystery. Exercise your desire to meditate on the Scriptures, and enjoy your spiritual journey with Spirit Seek. Click here for a sample.

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